Construction Ambassadors

Gilpin Demolition “excellent site standards” accreditation
July 31, 2017
Construction Ambassadors supporting careers in the demolition industry
August 7, 2017

Well done to Paul Nicholls and Georgina Gilpin who have been certified to work as Construction Ambassadors promoting the industry to young and old alike. Go Construct arrange the training. Our company has also joined the adopt a school campaign to support local schools in career development. – more news on this in due course.

The intention is to reach out to communities to identify the many and varied careers within the demolition industry – mechanical engineers, accountants, machine/plant  operators, designers, management team, site operatives, quantity surveyor, purchasing, office support, site managers, sales and marketing and more besides –  a job with no day much like another.

Demolition is not often the “seen” element when thinking about construction and yet our team are quite literally changing the face of the landscape. Some of our work is salvage and clearance for nature to reclaim the space, some is commercial for modern developments to grow and support communities with housing or work. Most of our waste, some 95%, is recycled.

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