We have expertise in the demolition of all varieties of bridge structures with over 150 successfully completed to date, ranging from reinforced concrete deck, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete beam, steel girder, masonry arch and timber construction.


All Gilpin Demolition operatives are fully qualified and competent to work on the Network Rail Infrastructure. Along with the demolition of various rail bridges, we have also undertaken masses of line-side buildings and rail stations.

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Continuously diversifying into other areas of work such as rail and marine, we have always worked within the commercial environment. Working throughout the UK over the past 30 years has enabled us to gain extensive knowledge and experience working on numerous types of commercial projects such as;

• Housing
• Factory Sites
• City Centre Multistorey Works
• Hospitals
• Military Bases
• Quarry Plant Works
• Industrial Units


Gilpin Demolition has undertaken numerous works in the demanding marine environment. Some, in Britain’s most logistically challenging areas such as extreme tidal rivers and remote sea locations.

Gilpin Demolition has worked alongside the Environment Agency on Britain’s waterways, carrying out cleaning operations to reduce pollution.
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