Gilpin Marine Services

Gilpins have broad and skilled experience working in the demanding marine environment. Some of these works in logistically challenging locations such as extreme tidal zones and hard to access coastal areas. The company has an array of equipment to deploy specifically for these tasks to ensure the team are safe whilst working and the environment is protected whilst your project is underway.

Gilpins work for Harbour Authorities around the coast and British Waterways, Canal and River Trust and the Environment Agency for more inland waterways such as canals, non-tidal rivers, tidal rivers, estuaries and lakes.

We will work with you to ensure all the required paperwork is in place before and after the project

If you are looking to have a structure or vessel removed from an area near, in or around water look no further than Gilpin Demolition for expert advice tailored to your specific project to undertake the works in as safe and efficient manner. Please contact us for advise and/or a quotation..

Boat Breaking Services

Gilpins are authorised by permit from the Environment Agency to legally remove vessels and break them either at site or remove and break back at our licenced yard. This official recognition of our services allows Harbour Authorities, Councils and the Environment Agency the ability to legally decommission vessels no longer of service. This service is also open to any individual with a vessel they need removed responsibly. The company will undertake the recovery of sunken and abandoned vessels with a vast array of marine equipment to ensure safe and environmentally sound practice. Our boat breaking service can include complete salvage and disposal.

As authorised boat breakers we can help you with the complete disposal of your unwanted boat in the knowledge that the appropriate documentation is always in place. We will decommission on site and remove all materials to our licenced yard where if possible materials will be recycled.

Loughor Viaduct Demolition

Major challenges and constraints and the difficulties of working over the flowing water. Most of the work has been done with cranes and they’re wind-sensitive. We got started in demolition nearly 30 years ago, so it’s been a natural progression from knocking down buildings and sheds in the quarrying industry, and evolved into the rail industry and specialised in bridge demolition and the marine aspect of demolition as well.

We can offer a full range of disposal and recycling services:

  • Metal recycling facilities - We are a Devon based scrap merchant and buyer of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including but not limited to, Steel, Light Iron, Cast Iron, Brass, Copper, Lead, Aluminium & Stainless Steel.
  • “End of Life” vessels – with our licence to decommission either in location or back at our Devon based facility we are able to offer a unique service that will suit your needs.
  • "End of life" (ELV) Vehicles - With our de-pollution station we can accept all scrap vehicles including but not limited to, cars, lorries, buses, boats, heavy plant, farm machinery, commercial vehicles on bulk disposal, military vehicles and much more.
  • Metal collection and Recycling - We are a Devon based scrap merchant and buyer of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • De-construction Services - Gilpin Scrap Metals work closely with our sister company, Gilpin Demolition. We can de-construct all ships, boats or structures
  • Skip hire - We can offer skip hire throughout South West, providing a range of skips for scrap metal recycling with delivery and collection. We offer a selection of skip sizes to suit your needs; we can also provide bulk collection skips for your larger items.
  • Heavy Recovery - we can offer a heavy recovery service for abnormal loads that need removal.
  • Industrial clearance - the company can offer a fast and proactive service for large scale industrial decommissioning projects and much more...

In order to stay competitive we monitor scrap metal prices to ensure we can offer our customers the best price.

Our scrap yard is based in Newton Abbot, Devon and we cover the South West.