Gilpin Scrap Metals Ltd is committed to providing a viable and accountable facility which strives for high compliance with all applicable current environmental legislation and regulations.

Throughout our operations we apply the waste hierarchy of prevention, reuse, recycling, recovery or disposal. Our primary operation of processing waste metals for recycling means that we can implement the more ecological levels of the hierarchy, effectively minimising the harm to the environment by reducing waste and the need to extract new materials.

We recognise that waste prevention and environmental protection are fundamental aspects of our business and to perform at a high standard we aim to operate in a manner that is safe, sustainable and supports the environment. Due to the nature of our works it is foreseen that our operations may have an impact on the environment. Such impacts are therefore refl ected in our management system and safe measures are subsequently installed, in compliance with technical guidance, to minimise the risk to the environment.

Our environmental controls are kept up-to-date through regular management and administration to ensure our procedures are continuously improved to refl ect the most recent environmental regulations. In order to keep a consistant stream of recycling, waste products are stored for a minimum period (as per our Environmental Permit) to ensure matters are dealt with in an effi cient and timely manner.

Environmental commitment is embedded in the everyday activities of our employees through the training programme we implement. Employees have an understanding of their individual responsibility to consider their behaviour and resultant impact of which their activities have upon the environment.

Communication is a key element to promote a positive environmental culture through all parties involved in the overall process of waste metals in association with our facility. A copy of our policy is available and can be provided upon request.