Dismantling the oldest fishing vessel in the UK in Newlyn Harbour, the FV Excellent’s last days.

Our company purchasing coordinator, Chloe Pavely, nominated for award
May 3, 2017
Full time Demolition Labourers/Operatives required
June 5, 2017

FV Excellent

The FV Excellent was apparently one of the oldest fishing vessels in the UK. She was dismantled last week in situ off Newlyn Harbour having been resting there, in a pretty sad state, having sunk last December. The Excellent had been diverted from service in Dunkirk to insert allied spies in Northern Europe and was the first vessel of her size. When she came back to fishing in Penzance she was called the mother of the modern fleet. Working for the Harbour Master and under the close eye of the EA the Gilpin team laid out the water boom to protect the water ways from any potential floating debris loss and left the area totally clean when they left. Good work team.

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