St Lukes – Update Two

Considerate Constructors
September 10, 2014
LLG Information
September 11, 2014

We would like to thank all those who participated in our recent Considerate Constructor ‘Have we been a good neighbour?’ questionnaire. We received a high volume of questionnaires back with very positive and constructive results in relation to our works at St. Luke’s School.

Every practicable effort has been made to reduce our impact on the community though noise, dust, transport movement and environment. The questionnaire has raise some comments of concern in relation to the below and I hope to explain the action we have taken on site to reduce these.


  • Working within determined hours as to not cause excess disruption (early mornings, evenings and weekends)
  • All machinery is maintained and services regularly to ensure highest quality operations
  • Activities causing excess noise such as hammering (required to break concrete foundations) is done using high quality low impact hammers.
  • The site is generally surrounded by greenery which naturally reduce some impact of noise to local residents


  • A fire engine is situation on site for direct dust suppression during the process of pulling down high rise walls
  • Concrete is damped down to avoid dust as far reasonably possible
  • Materials are not double handled to avoid unnecessary extra dust generation
  • Limited transport movements internally and externally from site to reduce traffic generated dust


The questionnaires were sent to those of closest proximity to the site boundary, if anyone in the local community would like to share their views please do not hesitate to contact via email, telephone or post.

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